Alright! Let’s start this thing off! But first, Music:

To get you up to speed on the format of these blog posts, there should always be:

  1. Music / YouTube video attached to the content
  2. Some content regarding:
    • Cybersecurity
    • Pentesting
    • Cloud Security
    • Current research
    • Automation
    • Python (or some programming language)
    • etc
  3. Some type of conclusion

My goal here is to provide offensive leaning content that will aid the Cybersecurity community as a whole and, where possible / applicable, provide a means of detecting or preventing the attacks or scenarios described within the specific blog post.

One of the first things I plan to post about is a tool I wrote while performing Open Source Intelligence Gathering engagements in Synack’s bug bounty program and the technologies used to facilitate a tool like that. Here’s a hint: Cloud Automation + Offense is a topic not talked enough about and could really bring offensive leaning teams to a new level while being able to perform at scale.

I was recently announced as a 2023 Microsoft Most Valuable Researcher (MVR) and am looking to level up over the next year. I work with the wonderful Dr. Nestori Syynimaa and Joosua Santasalo, both of which are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP). Over the next year I plan on becoming eligible and (god willing) achieve the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. There will be a heavy Microsoft leaning element to this blog, and that is to give back to the Microsoft community as well as the Security community. I’ll do my best to include things that aren’t part of the Microsoft Ecosystem here as well.

I am also working on my Master’s of Science in Information Security Engineering at SANS Technology Institute. If there’s cool tidbits of knowledge obtained during my studies that can also be applied to my research, I’ll do my best to call out what I can where I can.

My name is Tony Gore, you can find my About Me page here.

Let’s have some fun!